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Donut / Severed Heads - a disc that plays both on turntable and CD player. Both analogue and digital. Two holes. The finest in 21st century contured stimulation. Extremely limited edtion for live shows and pre-order. Guesstimate: June 2017

Aversion / Severed Heads - the gifts bestowed on Severed Heads by the greats of the psychedelic era, gifts now returned with tough love. Baby boomers in baby shredders. Sincere respect for those that taught us. Guesstimate: September 2017

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Music Server VR / Severed Heads - the ambient music series first released in 1998 returns as 360 degree audio. Immerse yourself in binaural sound bath. The first 5 volumes remastered with new music specially designed for spherical listening. Guesstimate: Late 2017

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Publicist / Tom Ellard - the follow up to 2015's RHINE album. More small children in testing labs. More hidden numbers. More synthesiser pop tunes. More. Guesstimate: Late 2017

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Barbara Four / Tom Ellard. Guesstimate: 2018

JUNE 1 Sydney - Sydney Opera House - with Total Control et al.

JUNE 13 Vancouver - Rickshaw Theatre

JUNE 14 Montreal - Suono De Populo Festival

JUNE 15 Toronto - Velvet Underground

JUNE 16 Edmonton - The Forge

JUNE 17 Calgary - Dickens

Further international dates for 2017 TBA ... please stand by.

Please note that changes and cancellations are possible and this is based on best information available at time of update.





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Snowglobe / Tom Ellard - a musical computer game developed for Unsound Festival 2016. Part of a series of levels to be released over the coming years. A free download for Mac or PC, please enjoy.