In 2008 Severed Heads stopped adding new music, and began work on new formats such as computer games while delivering new live versions and 360ยบ audio. The intention is to keep things fresh.


But we occasionally bend the rules to create 'new' music reassembled out of old sources, and make this available as limited run objects with some additional physical interest. We're calling these the wireframe series.

Donut is a hybrid digital compact disc / analogue disc, with CD audio spiraling from the centre of the disc and embossed grooves from the outside. It plays on both standard CD players and turntables. The music is a mutilated rendition of easy listening tunes - weird mood music for eating donuts.


This specially crafted object is limited to roughly 300 units. It comes in a standard sized CD digipack. To see more of Donut please visit this page at BUGHLT Records.




About limited releases - we have limited resources and so can only create a limited number of objects. We try not to raise the price, but maintain consistency in our hand made work. Download versions are made if possible.

Aversion 2 is a 'classic rock simulation' - tiny fragments of rock music sliced and cut together into a prismatic and distressingly psychedelic grid. It all seems vaguely familiar, and yet there is little remaining of the original melody, song structure or connection with the universe. Replacing the usual sweaty rock gods, you will hear vocal performances by only the finest German schizophrenics and Transylvanian midgets. Aversion 2 offers the perfect toe-tapping soundtrack for a really bad acid trip.


Aversion comes as a credit card USB in a case, each with an individually crafted wire rat. Because this is a hand made item the supply will be limited.



Beautiful Arabic Surface is a hand cut 10" acetate record, made up of fragments of older hand cut 10" acetates once used in radio broadcasts. It was performed as a radio broadcast in Sydney in 2016, which closed a loop. The (mono) disc is not currently available but you can buy the (stereo) music on Bandcamp.