1984 Teenhood

That short moment when you float in the air

Photos by J Pryor - February

Photos by J Pryor FEBRUARY

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Ozone shows in May

Ozone Shows MAY

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Terse Tapes 1984. The SMEAR sampler didn't happen, as we were very soon busy with the 'real' industry. By this time, the DIY was a comfort zone - tings were out of our control. SMH January Handbill JANUARY Handbill JANUARY
Dead Eyes Opened MARCH Melody Maker MARCH Since The Accident MARCH On The Street MARCH, which comes just as Garry and Paul are asked to leave the band. It's amazingly civil given the tensions of the moment. Stephen Jones is in evidence.
On The Street MARCH. The photographer suggested that we disperse in the order that we would take over the coming year. Paul is left to the last. Melody Maker Aus Rock MAY Melody Maker Aus Rock MAY Melody Maker Aus Rock MAY
Since The Accident MAY Band Photo MAY. This is the Polaroid used by the photographer to check the shot. At Heuristic Video. band photo 2 band photo 4
band photo 3 Art Unit birthday APRIL Art Unit birthday card Zig Zag AUGUST
Invitation to contribute Terse 841 compilation. This did not go ahead. Stiletto A Stiletto B Slab Horror Band Contact Sheet
Rolling Stone OCTOBER RAM October RAM October RAM I think
"Necropolis" was in Kings Cross, butI don't recall where May 1984 April Handbill April84
Gig preview Apr84 French not sure 2 French not sure The Death of Cook
The Death of Cook review OCTOBER City Apr84 (auf Deutsch) Handbill for Exit Club NOVEMBER, it did not happen