1985 Adulthood

The peak of expectation and illusion


Canadian vist 1985

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Melody Maker JANUARY Sounds and NME in JANUARY Sounds FEBRUARY Goodbye Tonsils Various press FEBRUARY
Jamming UK FEBRUARY FEBRUARY UK Gig handout 11th MARCH, before leaving for the UK, notes we will be in UK on the 22nd Sounds MARCH City Slab Horror
London Alternative Mag APRIL Nettwerk Bio Sheet mid 85 Sounds MARCH Various UK reviews in MARCH
Various UK reviews MARCH to APRIL Unknown UK fanzine Unknown UK fanzine part 2 Melody Maker APRIL
part2 London Alternative Magazine APRIL Band 85 London Reviews of the ICA gig, APRIL
In the UK APRIL? In the UK APRIL? Electronic Music Maker MAY Electronic Music Maker MAY
Computer Music MAY Computer Music MAY Time Out NME MAY
NME MAY In the UK, venue not known Blitz magazine Everyman Cinema Music Video festival, gig on MAY 31
Last UK show MAY 31st City Slab Horror review + gig notice, post UK visit Rockpool Dead Eyes Opened Canada Rockpool 'Body Music' Dead Eyes Opened
lunch Homebrew Cover for Kato Gets The Girl VHS, not used Queensland, on tour "Texas Hotel Burning" fanzine
Terse advertisement RAM Magazine NOVEMEBER Stretcher Profile Vancouver A Profile Vancouver B
James Scanlon fanzine Ink Records flyer Ink records flyer Gig notices OCTOBER
Graphic Arts Club review RAM Magazine NOVEMBER Advertisements, probably from RAM Sounds DECEMBER Clifford Darling
Postcard promotion for Petrol 7" Volition Postcard back Perth Sunday Times DECEMBER Juke DECEMBER
Music Express Canada DECEMBER Rolling Stone Aus DECEMBER VHS notice DECEMBER 85