1990 America

Things have changed
Rotund For Success PR Daily-Mirror-Jan90 Rockpool JANUARY Big-Car-Billboard-90
Rotund-CMJ-Jan90 Retail-Charts-USA-Jan90 Rotund-Ipso-Facto-90 Vancouver MARCH 6th
San Francisco MARCH 15th Laguna Beach MARCH 17th Tulsa MARCH 20th Tulsa
New Orleans MARCH 23rd New-Brunswick-NJ-Apr90 Newark APRIL 7th NYC APRIL 10th hated it
NYC NY Times Detroit ARPIL 13th Detroit Chicago APRIL14th
Chicago-Apr90 Vancouver-Province-Apr90 Sprogg Magazine Summer Sprogg Summer 90B
Sprogg Summer 90C Rotund-Billboard-Gavin-90 Rotund-Alternative-Press-Mar90 On The Street OCTOBER
Discorder-90-1 Discorder 90