2015 Holiday USA

Some old stomping grounds
2015 Severed Heads T's also known as "Holy Shit - Knives" Proof postive of being stateside The great pyramid Download postcards - people were a bit confused by them. They 're common in software distribution, but not so much for music.
Goodbye north... ... and hello south. Arrival in LA. A professional snap in LA. Celebratring our special relationship. LA people make whoopie. Children of the night etc.
The capitol in TX is bigger than the one in Washington. Now go to sleep. Home base Seattle - Medical Records underground bunker. Medical Records underground bunker. Stephen Jones shows off the PDP at Living Computer Museum.
Bend it like Bendix, LCM Rough Trade, NYC Rough Trade set up, NYC RoughTrade audience NYC
The bigger the bed the less time you get in it, Tampa Pilmer checking that we are wearing our shirts, Tampa Tampa I always weanted to see this band, Chicago