2016 Europe and Melbourne

Let's just try that again
A 7 hour stop over in Dubai Local culture on display in Dubai Welcome to Soviet style architecture, Warsaw The old city in Krakow
All saints on display, Krakow My esteemed guardian and guide Alice in Krakow The wind tunnel in Unsound Poland Welcome to Amsterdam, way too early to check in
Poor Stewart performs on about 4 hours sleep since arrival Thanks Amsterdam, hope we get paid next time Antwerp are used to us now, meh they will be back soon enough Antwerp
Hiding in the transport Antwerp Bristol for a lovely nap and tea With our friend FIncher Bristol celebrates millions of years
Some of the quality housing in Bristol It has a fine balcony Not sure whether to go through the gift shop Quality wares available in Bristol
This lamp for example Well, it's time to go! 14358640 10211009333058060 4141361436977966518 n You will see these people keep showing up all across Europe I think they are Rosicrucians
We're in Glasgow! They like a show! Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow
Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow Strange Brian Eno hologram at Glasgow airport
14650499 690667167754345 2484607546129611763 n I'm in Berlin and it's Halloween damnit I guess we're on See, Rosicrucian DJ's
This is Berlin's version of cheerful Tasteful Berlin band photo The guy was not cheerful, but she sure was making up for it Tiny place, we fit into the DJ booth area
C'mon man cheer up There you go This is a Painstation at the computer meseum Berlin. We needed an adult. 14484833 10154579234754512 812307643025728092 n
I am in Paris and chic Hmmm how will we get the projector up? Gaffa tape! The kids in Paris know a good time Paris. Sure looks like.
14317412 10154524184309512 466431799131825643 n Here I am in London and that is a tank. As you'd expect. That sort of club London
London London London London
"So let's do North America next year!" says Jason 14494861 10154570701429512 5287399510047439559 n Melbourne Music Festival in the State Library Melbourne
Melbourne Melbourne