2017 United States

and maybe again?
Setting up in NYC NYC Irving Plaza NYC NYC
Vincent the Rat, NYC Vincent surveys his domain En Route to Ratchester The Ratchester Bat Building
Band room, Rathchester Home of the Garbage Plate, Ratchester Arrival in Boston - "peace in our time" Boston ONCE BALLROOM
Not feeling too well in Boston Austin - even the Chips are TX Austin Texass Houston Texass
Houston Houston Feeling not so great in Seattle Vincent in Seattle
EMS for breakfast PDP for dinner Central Los Angeles theatre The LA meat n greet
LA The gentlefolk of LA yeah this head cold sucks LA airport, Stewart is thrilled
San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
San Francisco Arrival in Denver That weird blue horse in Denver Denver lobby
Denver lobby Denver Chicago airport The Metro Chicago
The Metro Chicago Waiting to go on. Go on. Chicago Chicago
Donuts and Halloween Donation for the end of a tour Happy Halloween!