Yeah it’s back again again.

deoHey look. You know how I feel about this thing. But it’s showbiz. They want a replica of the original 12″ who am I to quibble? No one, that’s who.

But I can apply STUDIED NONCHALANCE. And the way I am going to do that is for you to tell me: what colour vinyl do you want?

So far:

Untitled4UntitledUntitled5Untitled3Untitled6  Untitled2

If you don’t want your copy to look like the result of a bad Mexican meal you’d better leave a comment with a better suggestion!   Quick!


14 thoughts on “Yeah it’s back again again.”

  1. Well this is a no-brainer:
    Black circular line on white vinyl mimicking
    the face paintings on the cover

  2. Light grey with a hint of ultramarine. Contrast for the ‘noisier’ section of the track to emerge off the turntable…

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