We never thought about merchandise. It just didn’t fit in our brains somehow. The last few gigs the promoters were truly dumbfounded because we just didn’t have any. What? but that’s how you get paid!


So in the same spirit as the farewell gigs we did for people we trusted and the albums we’re re-making for people we are going to trust, we are going to merchandise with a person we have known for very a long time, and a new company.

Now let’s be honest – very few people are going to wear stuff because we are cool. They will wear it because it is cool. I wondered if we have anything the kids will dig. This evening I went through our baggage.

1981 slide_monster

This guy is pretty cool. He’s a slide from our 1981 live shows. Kind of retro hallucinogenic.

1984 sick_kid

Oh now this one breaks the ice at parties. That’ll Hot Topic for sure.

1986 - 2002 Pumpkin Dog

I’m kind of biased about this one. I’d wear it if no one else did. Toy Dog + Pumpkin sticker = party starts now.

1986 Rotund back 2002


One thing I had forgotten was the limited edition albums we’ve sold over the years.

2010 Showbag DVD and BluRay

2010 Showbag Bluray back

2006 Under Gail Succubus metal

The Showbag Blu-Ray in the BIG TOP microchip anti-static container and the metal boxes for Under Gail Succubus. Can’t imagine having the time to hand make these things any more. What about the OP2.5 CDs with the individual pieces of cut foam in the back? Was I nuts? I was nuts.

Actually, talking about Under Gail Succubus why don’t I tell you where the individual owner codes were hidden? Next time…

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  1. Under Gail Succubus was a fantastic CD, both physically and musically (especially Lo Real). I really hope you do follow up with some details about how you managed to create and embed a code for each copy you sold. I’ve been dying to know since it came out.

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