Vinyl is back from the factory. No one died.


Reports that the Slab album is back from the factory, it plays, it sounds good, and no-one died. Looks like both labels are near to laying eggs and so I will link you straight to their evil empires:

For Since The Accident and City Slab Horror please proceed to

For the Dead Eyes Opened 12 inch please proceed to

Some people are worried about the digital downloads – all of these recordings have been available for quite some time as downloads – so long that it seems sensible to close them for a while and let the poor bastards sell the records. You do not want to condemn people to cardboard boxes for the rest of time do you? When they get sick of us they will hand the downloads back again. Fair.

Now, both labels are thinking about what they might do next. What should they do next?

11 thoughts on “Vinyl is back from the factory. No one died.”

  1. If I knew how to all a record I would do so. My suggestion is probably death to sales. But artistically, the work you have done to put interesting and lesser known Australian music back into circulation was much appreciated.

  2. an end to the stupidly priced copies of Clean and ear Bitten and that way i can get my mitts on a physical copy without remortgaging the house

    1. EAR BITTEN being stupidly priced is the icing on the stupid cake. It should cost a million dollars because that would be the shaggiest dog in the dog show.

  3. How about something that was never released on vinyl the first time around? I am thinking maybe all of the tracks meant for Piscatorial put together would be nice.

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