Oompa Loopma Riot

Updated 11th April

Version 1.1. is out. There are all the image changes you wanted, names fixed and all tracks are in place.

As you find errors you comment here and then version 1.2 will be out in 25 years.

Updated booklets will go here too, so you don’t have to download the whole thing again.

oompa booklet 1.1


  • Received track from Auto Horatio+ Art DONE
  • Received track from Spring Rolls + Art DONE
  • LOCK OFF TRACKS… all in.
  • Brainbeau spelling correction and art changes.
  • Quimper band contact details.
  • Update art by !!*, infinitezer0, horatio, piggy.


8 thoughts on “Oompa Loopma Riot”

  1. That c. reider (no relation) track is like strapping a leprechaun’s dildo to an electric toothbrush, then chasing the cat around with it, and then tripping on some other dildos left carelessly on the floor, falling, and landing with the toothbrush leprechaun dildo – set to “heavy plaque removal”- jammed 4″ deep into my ear.

    Rating: 666 out of 5 stars, “I would buy this again”

  2. Great work Tom. Small correction – please credit me as “auto_horatio”, unless of course it’s Bandcamp doing that annoying schoolmarm thing of “correcting” your input.

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