Unsound Dislocation announcement.

UNSOUND KRAKOW “DISLOCATION” is announced, and Poland is official. What I had not detailed before was “Treasure Map 2” which is a new game engine work that I’ll be maintaining and expanding over 2016-2017.

13235487_10154196170679512_7463550033651815868_oThis is not quite a sequel to HH, which is being a much more challenging thing. It’s a bit like if I was playing Barbara Island live, on a series of (dislocated) islands. You can jump to different islands to get different pieces and versions. To get between places requires looking for certain sounds.

Ideally this work would already be in testing but I am still at my academic post until July, so it may be only a few islands at launch.

I have been testing this as a VR title to be seen on a headset. I am not yet able to provide this and the number of people with headsets is still small, so the first version will be a windowed view, which may be in stereo. Best to get it going then tweak it.10393703_10202368529853003_4302552473168582292_n

There is more news to come but that will be announced next month.