July update

Complain all you like. There’s a lot going on and things keep shifting about so the moment I think I have an update it all changes again. Everything I say here is “kind of likely”. Yeah I know.

Gigs for 2016:

  • Sydney, Australia – locked in.
  • Krakow, Poland – locked in.
  • Amsterdam, Holland – extremely likely.
  • Glasgow, Scotland – locked in.
  • London, England – plausible.
  • Berlin, Germany – plausible.
  • Melbourne, Australia – extremely likely.
  • Perth, Australia – very likely.

USA/Canada is for 2017.

On the workbench here at the moment a new clip for Tiny Wounded Bird has just been completed, with a clip for 20 Deadly Diseases underway. The computer ‘game’ Treasure Map 2 is underway, but is paused while getting ready for the Sydney gig.

All the acetates of Beautiful Arabic Surface have gone out. It’s still available as a download, which being stereo is kind of better in a way. Call me old fashioned.

That’s it!