Help us make a set list.

UNS-Dislocation-1Severed Heads will return to Europe at Krakow Unsound, in October. The festival sold out of season passes in a few minutes, but we suspect it’s the fine line up of attractions rather than our own charm. We want to acknowledge that by aligning with our new peers.

These peers are not the ‘industrial dance music’ troops that we usually get lumped with. All due respect to the angry young men in camouflage, but we are middle aged gents, sans gas masks, muscle and hate. We have 30+ years of fine and merry tunes, and surely in there in something suitable.

Just as we did with the Better Dead Than Head tour last year, we ask you to suggest tunes. Please look at the other acts, and give your learned opinion. Note also that the Krakow set will be distinct to any other rumoured appearance (say for example at the Duck and Spoon talent night in Bristol).

Bless you.


Late April news roundup.

OK so having got a Facebook page underway and learned how to wade through this whole ‘friend’ thing, I’m back here with the more detailed account of what’s up. Things are moving more quickly now and so I’ll start running news items together.


Live performances in North America are POSTPONED. There are quite specific times of year when bands can move around North America. You can get a traffic jam that starts forming as early as the end of last year. With so many bands already announced for 2016 we’ve missed the window to set up something that will work, and better to aim for a clear run in 2017.

Therefore the “Aversion” album (which is specific to the merchandising of said tour) is pushed back, although 5 tracks are now complete and one might appear on the next Coldwaves CD.

European dates have not been been officially announced. We have one definite and several floating and there is some delicacy about who gets to announce first. But you know that Poland Is Not Too Far.


  • Vinyl on Demand has put out Magneto-Phonics which a large survey of Australian antique underground music. You can see that here:
    It’s important to note that this compilation was not organised by Sevcom and Sevcom is not responsible for making it available in other formats, or any other aspect of the release. Don’t ask me, I’m just one of the acts.
  • The Stretcher 2LP re-issue is now on pre-sale!
  • An extremely limited number of hand cut acetates of new SH material are being made by BUGHLT in Seattle. Let’s drive Discogs completely nuts, they deserve it.
  • The follow up to my Rhine album is called Publicist, 4 tracks exist, it’s underway for 2017. As is a collaboration with another old school industrial dude. secret squirrels for now.


* A new 360º stereo VR of the Greater Reward clip is already up on all the usual places.

* Started work on Treasure Map 2, an interactive surround sound exhibition for October. It’s a much expanded version of the Five Beacons currently available on Vimeo (and on the latest Rhine USB sticks).

* I’m submitting a work for Vivid in Sydney to light up a shopping mall, which is code named shopmitter. Submitting is not the same as exhibiting, so wait to hear about it going ahead. Now, a few people will understand what a curious thing this is. My thesis project. At Vivid. Yeah. Let’s just say that sometimes a leaf falls into your hand and you think, ‘what does this accident suggest? Should I follow it and see what happens?” Yes.

So, then. What’s going on?

Quite a lot actually, although most of it doesn’t relate to ye olde band.

Severed Heads (being Stewart, myself and Ant taking care of things) played live at the Adelaide Festival in March. The good thing was it was all recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. The bad thing was I was sick as a dog and fell all over the place. We were all a bit frazzled with workloads and it was sloppy. Wish they’d taped the Adelaide show in 2011, but bless them anyway.

More important was delivering the long promised computer game HH, which had taken most of 2012 to create. ABC hosted that for a good while as well.

And then mid year the Australian Sound Archive backed up everything – all the albums, the site and video show. So that pretty much sealed up our coffin nice and tight. I went on to do all kinds of fun things as ‘me’, but you can see that over at

Ant then had to run off and tour as part of DefFX, so he’s probably been the busiest in the second half of the year.

Here at the end of 2013, we’re back underground, noodling around and no great urgency to achieve anything. Apart from Stewart’s krautrock nightclub (hurry that up).

I’ve started to re-collect some of the equipment I used to own when the band was growing up – the old KAWAI 100F synthesiser, some tape recorders, the old AKAI S612 sampler that was on Big Bigot and numerous other doodads. Stewart and I now sport matching KORG Radias racks (pretty cool).


Yes, recording is going on. No, it doesn’t mean anything is being groomed for release. Sometimes it’s the making that matters more than the selling.

But we DO HAVE RE-RELEASES coming in 2014, courtesy of some labels. And I am hearing from Garry Bradbury that he’s got something nice coming up. I’ll let the labels make their announcements at a time that suits them, and then make sure to give all the details here.

Sevcom site reboot.

How long has this thing been running? Forever and a day? SIXTEEN YEARS?

I used to put together static pages with notepad. I had all the time and none of the tools. But there is no time now for me or for anyone to read long slabs of anything and if something is to live, it must change. This is change.

  • It needs to be viewed on phones.
  • It needs to be updated by a very busy person, to be seen by very busy people.
  • It needs to have all the media goobity-doobity that the corporations can wield, as bespoke is out of style.

It tried to die, but it is not allowed to die. It is punished as a vampire.