December: Strategies and Tours

We not only survived Europe – we succeeded – which was never expected or given. There’s been a long history of disinterest that followed on early disaster: but it does seem time heals all wounds.

Anecdotes from the tour are accumulating here.

So the talk is now of further touring in Europe, to be combined in some way with visits to North America. Not a simple thing, much scheduling is involved. Our main agent is now based in Los Angeles, hopefully for a coordinated result at least in the USA and Canada. We are receiving a wide variety of offers, they can’t all be taken up. If you are someone that would like to set up a live show better make contact nowtte at

As with the last tour, I must be shy with the details until they are locked in – more shy this time as there’s quite a lot of wrangling.

Sydney gig with Itch-E & Scratch-E in February

Touring is easy to summarise; research and development not so much. Here’s whats going on in regard to Severed Heads – the museum stuff.

Surround: Earlier this year I remade a couple of videos in surround vision. But they only had stereo sound. The longer objective is to provide both sound and vision. This has a longer strategic purpose, but in the short term an idea is to resurrect and update the Sevcom Music Server series. This was a series of four CDs made 1998 – 2004 which were then licensed for the soundtrack of The Illustrated Family Doctor. A further CD was made in a limited run and then the project shelved.

As a ‘server’ the music should really be available as a service. It also has the texture that allows it to be developed as virtual environments. Two aspects that would work well with YouTube’s spatial sound technology (for example). Reworking the material to be ambisonic is proving a good test of technology, but a new volume 6 designed to be ‘ambientsonic’ in design is the priority.

Video: New shows mean new videos. We are introducing new songs and remaking some old ones. The current R&D is about the fabric from which the video is apparently made. There’s wider questions being addressed here – why vinyl and film is revered – why video synthesis is thought more authentic when done in hardware – what practical creative use this materiality can offer. I’m damned if I want to use Polaroids and Super 8 to make my clips, but I do want to play with the implications.

The desire to ‘improve’ video to look like film has never gone away, but a greater variety of experimental processes were available back in the New Media era – or at least tools that expressed a wider variety of ideas were on offer. I’ve had to go back to old versions of software to be able to do much of my exploration. For example the current version of Photoshop is 64 bit, it can’t work with plugins from 90’s/00’s. Some can work on 32 bit, more require 16 bit software on a virtualised machine. The further back you go, the stranger and less tame the results. Effects have become gentrified as they have entered mainstream culture – there’s a bit of archeology involved.

Aversion album: We had promised to make an merchandise only album of cover versions for this year’s tour – that’s now set for next year. It’s not finished but a few tracks are likely to appear in shows coming up early in 2017.

Acetates: There’s some talk about a follow up to Cheerio Inner Moon, we’re both keen on it, but coming up with ‘authentic’ material in keeping with that (very spontaneous) release is not easy, and we will take as long as required to not suck. I’m sure you can appreciate that. Meanwhile the last acetate is becoming silly prices 🙂

September 23rd Update.

UPDATED version of live dates, for September 23rd.


AMSTERDAM Festival Oedipus Brewery 22 OCT
ANTWERP 23 OCT – lock
PARIS (new venue) 27 OCT
GLASGOW The Glue Factory 28 OCT w SH Video Gallery
BERLIN Arena Club 30 OCT

LONDON Cosey Club (Electroworkz) 4 NOV
PERTH – DEC – tentative.

SYDNEY Feb – in progress.

While I have you here, a note about updating information. Yes there’s a few places being updated, and sometimes this is not the first one in the queue. For years I tried to keep everything tidy and under direct control, and it would be lovely if that could keep happening. But I have to live in a reality where 10x as many people will see this information on Facebook as will see it here. When I become king, this may change, it will not change very soon.

For the record, the places you will find Sevcom information:


Unsound Dislocation announcement.

UNSOUND KRAKOW “DISLOCATION” is announced, and Poland is official. What I had not detailed before was “Treasure Map 2” which is a new game engine work that I’ll be maintaining and expanding over 2016-2017.

13235487_10154196170679512_7463550033651815868_oThis is not quite a sequel to HH, which is being a much more challenging thing. It’s a bit like if I was playing Barbara Island live, on a series of (dislocated) islands. You can jump to different islands to get different pieces and versions. To get between places requires looking for certain sounds.

Ideally this work would already be in testing but I am still at my academic post until July, so it may be only a few islands at launch.

I have been testing this as a VR title to be seen on a headset. I am not yet able to provide this and the number of people with headsets is still small, so the first version will be a windowed view, which may be in stereo. Best to get it going then tweak it.10393703_10202368529853003_4302552473168582292_n

There is more news to come but that will be announced next month.


We weren’t sure whether to make the UK or the Canadian or the Australian version so it’s ALL THREE on 2 LPs.a1260459812_10

There is not an inch or second of this that I haven’t cried over the remastering. That cover was repainted BY HAND over WEEKS. There are high hats that have never previously touched a speaker.

Gatefold, people. GATEFOLD.

Poland. That’s Not Too Far.™

europe-mapSo then, Europe. We are on the way to Poland later this year. True! It is a very long way to go to be in one city. Perhaps you thought Australia is too far away. But Poland, not so far. Get it delivered to you! Maybe you have a nightclub and found some money behind the couch. Maybe you go to an entertainment and know the people that run it. You could say, ‘Poland. That’s Not Too Far’.

‘Here’, you say, ‘I will put some money in the poor box’. And you did.

What do you get? You get 2x Australians, guaranteed fresh, at a severe discount. You get to mock other cities that got none of that. Here is a picture to make you feel warmly about this.

Please note these are not the Australians that are part of the offer. They are dogs. The dogs are not included in the offer.

Right now, you could make a difference. Do you want the band to play in your Dinglebeery? Your Apfelboff? Many other such cities? It can be. Make an offer!

Holy Shit this tour has finished. What now?


So then. What do we do now? There can only be one.

  • Grow a beard.
  • Make more Rhine USB sticks.
  • Tour again, but this time visit name of city where two fans live.
  • Get back onto the next computer game, you don’t have 12 years left.
  • Get Lamp. Go West.
  • Try rescue what’s left of the day job, because after all, food is important.
  • What about all those collaboration albums you drunkenly promised then huh?
  • Finish cleaning the house for fuck sake. It looks like somebody died.
  • Record a new hit album, which will suddenly relaunch your career ha ha ha oh God please my sides are hurting.
  • Optional Paralysis.
  • Descent into alcoholism, dry out, go on lecture tour of community halls “I was a slave to IPA”.
  • Other
If you can’t figure it out we’ll have to ask the computer.

What do you reckon?

Vinyl Releases for 2015 update

I’ve heard from Dark Entries that, flood of Italo-Disco allowing, they hope to have copies of Petrol Station and Clifford Darling ready for September.


As it turns out the Petrol 12″ has four versions – the live performance at Metro Screen, the MSquared version a.k.a. Lamborghini, the cowboy version that was on Beyond The Southern Cross, and the flip side of the 7″ single edited by Robert Racic. I call it Petrol Station but you can ignore me.

Clifford Darling Please Don’t Live in The Past is pretty much identical to the original except that it has been cut from a digital copy of the master tapes we sent over to the UK in 1986. That is, we backed up the open reel tapes we sent to digital before sending them. Because the same machine did the playback, the quality is good. There are a few moments where I have applied gentle treatment to improve the clarity.

The Stretcher re-issue is coming along. I’ve had several goes at every track in search of perfection. There’s some detail that would be nice to bring out that I know is in there.

I’ve sent demos of the Ear Bitten/Side 2 LP (and bonus 7″) to Vinyl on Demand. This is part of a much larger compilation of Australian music that’s going to take quite a lot more wrangling!


200 copies… I don’t think you’re going find this one at your local shop.

VOD138.05/6 Garry Bradbury – Panspermia 1986-2005 2LP/7inch – limited 200 as stand-alone-release

Pre-Sale in Shop starts 15th of June – estimate Release 30th of June

Garry Bradbury’s new compilation, PANSPERMIA , comprising of 2 lp’s and a bonus one sided 7”, is an assemblage of remastered and re-edited works recorded sporadically over a period of around 20 years from 1986 to 2005.

Pick a track

Much against my own wishes, the USA set will be oldies. The audience being oldies. They will want their youth and they will get it.

UPDATE: Chicago and Florida shows will be constrained to 50 minutes. Other shows can be longer and have some newer stuff.

Most of it is well known and well developed, but I do have a few videos to make and tracks to rebuild. Before I get too far into that I want to hear requests from people, so I know to make up ONE track that may not have been done before.

Do not vote for bloody Dead Eyes Opened  you fools, it is already mandatory. ADDENDUM do not vote for completely obvious singles that any fool knows have to be played Jesus people…


Go for it.