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Downloads and Merchandise

For FLAC/MP3 downloads of most of our albums please go to Bandcamp.

  • Some of our music is on vinyl.

Streaming Services

If you have a particular album that you would like see on streaming services please make your choice known.

5 thoughts on “Find Music”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Haven’t listened to your stuff for a while but came back and still love it! Used to listen to your stuff maniacally in the 90’s.

    Just wanted you to know that a few albums are streaming on Tidal too (incl my new favorite Better Dead Than Head). So you can link to Tidal too.

    Keep the good stuff coming!


  2. Please put Rotund For Success on Spotify or Apple Music–my absolute favorite of your albums! (I must have listened to Big Car on repeat more days than I can count in the 90s.)

    Charlotte in Texas–hoping you’ll tour in our great state in 2017!

  3. Hey Tom,
    Saw you guys at Paddo Town Hall in the late 80’s! Awesome show except for some dickhead skinheads up the back….
    Unfortunately missed your show this month
    Here’s some fanboy stuff: Named myself Hyperconfidence as I love the buildup in your song Confidence! from years ago.
    Not sure if you collaborate much, but I’m on
    Link below

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