Poland. That’s Not Too Far.™

europe-mapSo then, Europe. We are on the way to Poland later this year. True! It is a very long way to go to be in one city. Perhaps you thought Australia is too far away. But Poland, not so far. Get it delivered to you! Maybe you have a nightclub and found some money behind the couch. Maybe you go to an entertainment and know the people that run it. You could say, ‘Poland. That’s Not Too Far’.

‘Here’, you say, ‘I will put some money in the poor box’. And you did.

What do you get? You get 2x Australians, guaranteed fresh, at a severe discount. You get to mock other cities that got none of that. Here is a picture to make you feel warmly about this.

Please note these are not the Australians that are part of the offer. They are dogs. The dogs are not included in the offer.

Right now, you could make a difference. Do you want the band to play in your Dinglebeery? Your Apfelboff? Many other such cities? It can be. Make an offer!

7 thoughts on “Poland. That’s Not Too Far.™”

  1. By-passing Prague? Now that’s a shame! Beautiful city, good venues, nice people, cheap beer…come on!

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